Thursday, August 27, 2009

Contents of the Book

Foreword by Bob Chapman
Prologue by Dr. John W. Burkett
List of Abbreviations
Part A: The Internet and Christian Ministries
1. Internet: A New Means of Communication
2. Need for Internet Ministry
3. Challenges of Internet Use for the Gospel and Christian Ministries
4. Internet Minister
Part B: Online Opportunities in Christian Ministries
5. Information Collection through the Internet
6. E-mail
7. Online Chatting
8. Websites and Quasi-Websites
9. Web-based SMS
10. Other Online Opportunities
Using Your Browser
The Word through the Net (my Internet ministry)
Comments of Some Christian Leaders on the Impact of the Internet on Communication of the Gospel
Reactions from Selected Online Contacts Throughout the World
Comments of Some Church Members about Internet Ministry (from a research questionnaire)
Selected References/Webliography
Final Words

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