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Book Review: Ministering through the Internet: A Decade of Unique Experiences

Book Review: Ministering through the Internet: A Decade of Unique Experiences by Adebayo Afolaranmi The Bible is full of several examples of champions. Anyone who wants to be a champion needs to read the Bible and practice the principles found in the book of the law. The same is this book by Revd. Adebayo Afolaranmi. I am also into Internet related ministry, and I found this book a very useful tool in my hand. The book enumerated the step-by-step ministry of this man of God for the past ten years. Hardly will you miss anything on his adventure in the ministry for the past ten years. Some of the things you will come across in the book are as follows. 1. You will understand the basic principles of running a successful Internet ministry. 2. You will also learn various ministry opportunities on the Internet. 3. You will acquire virtues that will keep you going in the face of challenges as you sojourn in the land of the Internet ministry. 4. If you are alien to computer literacy, you have a book that will spur you to into exploring the world of computer and Internet in your hand. 5. You will also learn how God is able to sustain whatever vision He has given to you. These among many others are what you should expect in this ministry experience cum autobiography of an Internet ministry guru - Rev Adebayo Afolaranmi. Reviewed by Rev. Victor Adebiyi

Another Series Published!

Another series in Ministering through the Internet titled Ministering through the Internet: A Decade of Unique Experiences has been published online. It gives brief annotations of the genesis, progress, success, failure, and challenge of my Internet ministry in the past 10 years. You can order for it NOW as eBook or as paperback. God bless you!

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The Book Now Online at!

My book "Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide" has just been published some minutes ago as eBook by Lulu. Vist to buy it. God bless you!

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How to Get Copies of the Book

While efforts will be made to publish the book online in an e-book format and place it in reputable online bookstores for people to have access to it throughout the world, distributors are needed here in Nigeria that will help distribute copies of the book to notable bookshops in Nigeria. Meanwhile, you can now get the hard copy of this book, Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide, by registered post or courier if you fulfil one of these conditions:
1. For people in Nigeria:
a. Pay or transfer at least the sum of two thousand naira into my Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) current account number 902440794110. The name of the account is Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi.
b. Use the FlashMeCash of FinBank (former First Inland Bank) Plc. to send at least the sum of two thousand naira to me. My mobile phone number is 2348055159591. The name on my international passport is “Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi.”
c. Send the recharge number of a Glo or MTN recharge card of at least the sum of two thousand naira to me through my mobile phone numbers 0805 515 9591 and 0816 304 5450.
d. Use local transfer of any bank to transfer at least the sum of two thousand naira to me. (The name on my international passport is “Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi.”) Please send me the details about the transfer, your full names and contact address, and phone number to facilitate the collection of the money. My mobile phone numbers are +234 805 515 9591 and +234 816 304 5450.
2. For people outside Nigeria:
a. Send at least forty US dollars through Western Union or MoneyGram money transfer or any other money transfer service that is in operation in Nigeria to me. (The name on my international passport is “Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi.”) Please send me the details about the transfer, your full names and contact address, and phone number to facilitate the collection of the money. My mobile phone numbers are +234 805 515 9591 and +234 816 304 5450.
b. Transfer at least forty US dollars to my Liberty Reserve account number U3130894. The account name is Adebayo Afolaranmi.
c. Pay or transfer at least forty US dollars into my Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) domiciliary account number 902 440794 210. The name of the account is Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi.
If you want more than one copy of the book, please contact me.
God bless you!
After doing any of the above mode of payment, send the details of the payment to me by email at and through my mobile phone numbers are +234 805 515 9591 and +234 816 304 5450. I will send the hard copy of the book to you by registered post or courier after the confirmation of your payment.

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The Book Cover

Contents of the Book

Foreword by Bob Chapman
Prologue by Dr. John W. Burkett
List of Abbreviations
Part A: The Internet and Christian Ministries
1. Internet: A New Means of Communication
2. Need for Internet Ministry
3. Challenges of Internet Use for the Gospel and Christian Ministries
4. Internet Minister
Part B: Online Opportunities in Christian Ministries
5. Information Collection through the Internet
6. E-mail
7. Online Chatting
8. Websites and Quasi-Websites
9. Web-based SMS
10. Other Online Opportunities
Using Your Browser
The Word through the Net (my Internet ministry)
Comments of Some Christian Leaders on the Impact of the Internet on Communication of the Gospel
Reactions from Selected Online Contacts Throughout the World
Comments of Some Church Members about Internet Ministry (from a research questionnaire)
Selected References/Webliography
Final Words


The book, Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide, by Bayo Afolaranmi is a true guide to anyone who desires to minister globally to people. It is comprehensive. It indicate the need and how to minister through the Internet. Of course it indicates the spiritual qualifications of the one who would effectively minister through the Internet.
Do you desire to minister to people beyond your locality? Do you want to reach millions of people all over the world from your living room? If yes, this book is a must read for you. It will indeed help and guide you to minister through the Internet.
— Rev. Dr. Samuel Adeola AdeniyiConference Secretary, Kwara Baptist Conference,
Conference Secretariat, Afon Road, Ilorin, Nigeria.

There is no doubt that the Internet and the tools of the digital age present an extraordinary opportunity to the church for evangelism, and follow up. Pastor Bayo Afolaranmi has successfully grasped the enormous capacity of the new media to propagate the gospel and fulfilling the “Great Commission”.
Many benefits flow from this new culture of communication: Ability to maintain contacts across distances, access to documents, and the interactive nature of the internet “Chat” or “Blog” facilitate more dynamic form of interaction with our contacts. It therefore makes evangelism come alive in this age as never before.
Pastor Bayo Afolaranmi will go a long way in making an impact through this medium.
— Pastor Tony Adenuga
Pastor-in-charge, The Redeemed Christian Church of God,
Jesus Refuge, Coca-Cola, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Pastor Bayo Afolaranmi shared his experience and used same to present a step-by-step guide to the use of the Internet to minister in this age of e-learning. This is a timely book and highly professional. It is unique in the sense that the outcome of a research successfully turned a book for use and has escaped the popular “death” on the self of such previous research findings in the past.
I recommend this book for use of every pastor.
— Pastor Dr. Femi Ajayi,
Associate Pastor, Goke Adeleke Memorial Baptist Church, Akobo, Ibadan, Nigeria.
Senior Lecturer and Ag. Head of Department, Department of Agric. Ext. and Rural Development, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

This timely book is a powerful tool in the hand of any pastor or Christian worker who wants to have an enlarged ministry worldwide or who is eager to fulfil the Lord’s mandate before He comes so as to depopulate hell, establish the perimeter of godliness and push back the frontiers of darkness in the spiritual realm in various communities. I, therefore, recommend this masterpiece to all pastors, church workers and all who want to take advantage of the new technology to impart lives.
— Rev. Dr. Nath A. Aremu,
Senior Pastor, Shalom Baptist Church, Orogun, Ibadan. Nigeria.

This book, Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide, is unequivocally an excellent practical guide and tutor to ministers who desire to access and impart lives through the Internet. ... The book is written in a simple and illustrative language, covering all useful and essential areas of Information and Communication Technology. As things are going in this dispensation, whoever is not versed in these areas would soon become a stack illiterate and technically marginalized. I strongly recommend the book to all and sundry, and particularly my co-ministers in the gospel enterprise.
— Rev. Remi Awopegba,
Associate Pastor, Oritamefa Baptist Church, Total Garden, Ibadan, Nigeria.

This book is a must read for all ministers and those looking for ways to expand the kingdom of God through the Internet. We have heard many things about the Internet and how it has caused havoc through things like Internet pornography and time wasting games but this book gives us a better picture of how the Internet can be used in a positive way. You do not have to be a pastor to be able to reach people and lead them to Christ. With words of encouragement through the e-mail or through chatting you may not know how much you can touch a life. This book shows us ways in which millions of people can be reached with just the click of a button. You will find out the difference between online religion and religion online.
Ever wonder what the abbreviation DVD, ICT and many other computer lingo stand for. Well, this book has enough computer lingo to improve your computer language.
Pastors that feel out of date with the Internet and need an upgrade definitely should purchase and read this book. You have to learn to move with the times in order to be effective. Upgrade yourselves and purchase this book. It’s an eye opener.
— Rev. Dr. Duro Ayanrinola
Director, Missionary Organizations Department,
Nigerian Baptist Convention, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Never has the prophecy of Acts 1:8 been truer than it is today. Not just by way of radio and television broadcast, but by way of the internet. Now virtually every saint in the kingdom of God can spread God's Word to millions across the world. The beauty of the Internet is that it is virtually free, and is not limited to just the "leaders of the Kingdom" but to every "member in particular". In fact one can say that "Internet ministry" is the fulfilment of prophecy for the kingdom!
Pastor Bayo Afolaranmi has firmly captured the faith, fate and power of this awesome ministerial tool in his book, Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide. In his book, Pastor Afolaranmi clearly and scripturally outlines, describes and ministers the power and influence of spreading the Gospel throughout the world. How the Internet is virtually unlimited in terms of where the message reaches, and he gives precise instructions on how to maximize the potential of this all important tool of God.
It is my extreme pleasure and honour to endorse this wonderful book. Did I say book? THIS INCREDIBLE MISTERY FROM GOD! ... This is truly THE FULFILMENT OF PROPHECY!
— Jaja N'Namdi Azikiwe
Teacher, Prophet
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Watching the Internet and email explosion that has taken place over the last 20 years has been fascinating, to say the least ... The Internet has unlocked the doors for churches and ministries all over the world to communicate with each other, their membership, prospects and missionaries, wherever they may be.
Many books are written each year about the Internet and about the use of the Internet in general. However, very few are written to help the Christian minister know how it may help him in his particular vocation or field of interest. Very few books are written so that a new-comer to the Internet may learn in the privacy of their home or office.
Adebayo Afolaranmi has written such a book. He goes into detail about the use of the internet in Christian ministry and it applies to any minister in any country. For those who are unfamiliar with the Internet there is a glossary that explains in detail, so anyone can understand the terms so often used.
I recommend Bayo’s book to young and older ministers alike. It will help to be more effective in ministry through today’s technology.
— Dr. John W. Burkett,
Executive Director,
Leadership Ministries Worldwide
(Outline Bible Resources Serving the Servants of God),
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

The book, Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide, has come at the right time. I started receiving messages from Pastor Afolaranmi a long time ago and they have continued to inspire me.
It is not gainsaying that the Internet is the greatest weapon we have to spread the Gospel of Christ on earth. The book is well researched and written, most interestingly Pastor Afolaranmi has obeyed Paul in 2 Timothy 2:2 to teach other pastors how to use this modern weapon.
— Dr. Chief Otonye Danagogo (KSC),
Medical Director, Gbeye Hospital & Maternity, Omoku. Rivers State, Nigeria

The methods for soul winning have changed over time from one generation to the other. As technology advanced, new methods like Television and Radio Broadcast became new means of evangelism to the world and now it is the turn of the Internet and it is a tool that God has blessed this generation with. As everything God created was good, so was the Internet created to benefit mankind but as usual, the Devil tries to corrupt it. But God, as always, will raise a man to carry out His mandate and like Moses that had a mandate to save the Israelites from bondage with his rod as a symbol of authority, so has God given my beloved Pastor Bayo Afolaranmi the Internet to use to reconcile lost souls to God Himself!
The Internet is one of the most effective tools for evangelism in this end time. Knowing this, Pastor Bayo Afolaranmi, having used this tool for several years, has come up with this book that should be a second Bible to any minister that wants to carry on Christ’s mandate of winning souls for God! Read it, digest it, and put into practice the information available in it to populate heaven and decongest hell. Jesus is Lord!
— Mrs. Bridget Elesin
Event Manager, Ablois Limited, Lagos, Nigeria.
Internet Missionary and Inspired Speaker.

I have read through this book and it is great! It is educating and most pastors who think that Internet is only for fraudsters will see it useful ....
— Rev. Nathaniel Ezeh,
Co-founder, T.C.M.I Church, Lagos, Nigeria.
The Bishop, Region 9, Roots and Wings Ministries.

Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide is a practical step-by-step approach to exploring the Internet technology useful for gospel ministry. It serves as a refresher course for those who are familiar with the Internet facilities.
It is a must read for all gospel ministers willing to be relevant in this generation.
— Rev. D. T. Hambolu,
Senior Pastor, Salem Baptist Church, Yemetu, Ibadan, Nigeria.

A careful and prayerful study of the materials contained in this book will prepare the reader to make an intelligent and convincing presentation of the good news through the use of the instrument called INTERNET. The use of the Internet as an instrument of preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has answered the call of God that every believer should prepare themselves to preach the Gospel in all nations according to Acts 1:8.
This book will help my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ to witness to larger audience known and unknown throughout the world. It is a book for Christian workers, instructing us to take an active part in bringing the message of salvation through Christ to a lost and dying world. Pastor Afolaranmi’s straightforward style of presentation of this technical book will show thousands of Christian workers how to become effective soul winners through the use of the Internet facility.
— Pastor E. K. Idowu-Agida,
Pastor, Foursquare Gospel Church, King’s Chapel, Gbagi, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Internet is one of the modern ways to communicate and quickly reach hundreds of people with the glorious message of Jesus Christ in a biblically grounded and contextually suitable approach. “Online outreach is an innovative response to today’s high-tech world.” However, it can be used positively or negatively, but the author of this book has clearly shown how pastors, ministers of the Gospel and born-again Christians can use the innovative approach to reach people with the life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
— Professor Joseph Ilori,
President, Evangelical Seminary of Southern Africa, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

I feel that this book will be a valuable tool for any minister and/or Christian worker who desires to use the Internet as a ministerial outreach. This book will serve as a great resource for those new to the Internet as well as those who are already using the Net as it gives glossary of words widely used on the Net as well as gives detailed, elementary steps on how to use your computer and steps necessary to navigate on the Internet. The book outlines the dangers and possible deceptions of the Internet as well. This book would be a valuable tool and resource to everyone's personal library and to every minister and Christian worker both the seasoned leaders and those who are just beginning their journey on the Internet.
Again, I am happy to endorse this book ....
— Rev. Gerri Janeway
AZ State Bishop of the ACA
Arizona, USA

Our world today is fast growing in the area of information and communication technology. In this book, the author clearly pointed out that the success of individuals and organizations are strongly tied to the available information that can be harnessed which in turn affects decision-making capabilities. The book further reveals that information gives birth to reformation, which in turn gives birth to transformation. Thus, the author has made enormous efforts in passing to his readers the required information on the effective use of the Internet for effective ministerial performance. Because the global world transformation today is attributed to the available information that could be gathered, I strongly recommend this book to pastors and ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
— Rev. Franklyn A. B. Koroma,
Former Director of Student Affairs, Baptist Theological Seminary, Kaduna, Nigeria.

I have operated an Internet-based ministry for many years. Pastor Afolaranmi's book is an absolute treasure! It is written in the common, easily-read words of the people to allow anyone with an interest in Internet ministry to fully understand and use it. He clearly demonstrates the necessity of this method of reaching the lost (especially this generation's young) in a manner they can understand. Internet ministry crosses all borders of age, time, as well as international barriers. This book is a must-have for any Christian with Internet access.
– Mark R. Magill
Word for Life World Ministries
Coos Bay, Oregon, USA

Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi’s work lays down a blueprint for ministering to the lost through the Internet. He has provided a guide for church ministers on ministering to the world through the Internet.
In my nearly twenty-three years in full-time Christian ministry, I have never read any material as helpful for ministering via the Internet. Therefore, I am delighted to commend Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide to every minister of God’s word.
— Ibrahim Gabriel Nyamor,
School of Biblical Studies, Jos, Nigeria.

It is high time for the church to consider the Internet as a veritable tool to achieve the Great Commission. Having read this book, I boldly recommend it for every minister of the Gospel who is considering using the Internet to spread the good news. The author has done a thorough job. I simply call the book “The ABC of Online Christian Ministries.”
More also, I am excited that a book like this is coming from this continent, Africa.
— Apostle Sesan Ogunbowale-Johnson,
Internet Christian Centre, Ibadan, Nigeria

Our world is changing and so is every communication paradigm of our world. In this digital age, communication system has metamorphosed tremendously. In the good old days, communication to the outside world was very difficult. This is not the case today. In modern times, everything has changed ....
The foregoing is said to re-affirm the relevance of Pastor Afolaranmi’s book on Internet ministry. To his credit, Pastor Afolaranmi has been functioning excellently well in this Internet ministry for the past few years. I am one of the original recipients of his weekly sermon sent via e-mail. I am still on his mailing list today. His messages are Bible-based and doctrinally sound. His internet message helps those people who would not have hitherto received such messages ... It must be noted that that biblical theologizing is not limited to the church wall. The command of our Lord is that we minister to everyone as we go about. This means using every method within our disposal to witness about Christ .... When a ministry uses the internet as presented in this book, the ministry of those pastors will be multiplied and their pastoral burden might be alleviated.
I recommend this book to all pastors who want to use inexpensive, but reliable means of communicating to their members and the people around them.
— Rev. Dr. John Ojewole,
Senior Pastor, Agape Bible Fellowship,
Brentwood, CA 94513, USA.

The contemporary Christianity of the twenty-first century has the awareness that the world has become a global village, with pluralistic society of Internet/cyber age. In light of the above, therefore, the twenty-first century Christians cannot neglect the rapid explosion of websites propagating their religious ideas that could be true of false teachings. For us to minister the balanced biblical truth effectively to the non-Christians in our generation, adequate knowledge in Internet ministry is required.
Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide is a refreshing, straightforward, and balanced teaching in Internet ministry that any Christian can understand. It stands out to be a major contribution to knowledge in the area of online/Internet ministry, and an essential tool in world evangelization.
Having discovered that many pastors and church workers are ignorant of Internet ministry, Rev. Bayo Afolaranmi challenges them to make themselves available for the training and use of Internet ministry.
I recommend this pioneering blueprint to pastors and church workers in Africa and beyond.
— Rev. Robert Obineke Okparanta,
Senior Pastor, Liberty Baptist Church, Abuloma, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Chairman, Pastors’ Fellowship, Rivers Baptist Conference.

The author has shown so clearly how much we need the Internet as a tool for the propagation of the gospel of Christ. If indeed we are sold out to God and truly concerned for the nations, we must urgently avail ourselves of the use of the Internet as a potent means of reaching a great number of people at a time with the life-changing/life-saving message of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I wholeheartedly recommend this work as a veritable manual for personal and corporate use in the body of Christ and the world at large. The information therein is detailed and yet simple to comprehend by the most-unlearned or uninformed. It is a must-read for everyone who wants to make an eternal impact on this generation. I commend both the author and this noble work to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
— Rev. Olufunso J. Omidiran,
Living Sword Ministries International (Healing unto the Nations), Ibadan, Nigeria.

In Ministering through the Internet: An Essential Guide, Pastor Bayo Afolaranmi has, in a concise, innovative, thought provocative manner aroused the interest of Christians and ministers of the Gospel in particular to the harvest of souls who desperately need to hear the glorious gospel of Christ through one of the greatest discoveries of the twenty-first century known as the Internet.
I have read through the book and have no hesitation at all in recommending it to all lovers of God especially missionaries, evangelists, pastors, Bible teachers, students in the seminaries, universities and all those seeking for new and innovative ways of advancing God’s kingdom.
— Rev. Lucky Osagbakhoe (JP),
Secretary, Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA),
Edo/Delta District Church Council.
ECWA, Benin City, Nigeria.

Our brother, Bayo, has done a great work in giving necessary information for all who wish to take advantage of the Internet to minister to their generations. The materials in this little book are bound to make wave among the new generation ministers who are always ready to explore new frontiers. As a person who is familiar with all that the writer wrote in the book, my words are that the book is a mini college for would-be Internet ministers.
— Rev. ObalOluwa Osuolale
Lifeforce Gospel Network International, Oyo, Nigeria.

Pastor Adebayo Afolaranmi is a powerful communicator of worthy reputation and this book no doubt will help to fulfil Daniel 11:32—those who know their God shall be strong and do great exploit for the Lord Jesus Christ through the emerging powerful means of evangelism that has turned the whole world into a global village—Internet. It is very fast and reliable, spreading like wild fire.
I recommend this book for everyone willing to participate in this end time means of propagating the Gospel.
— Pastor Rotimi Oteniya,
Divine Assurance (Electronic) Ministry, Bergamo, Italy.